I’m an Atlanta-based visionary entrepreneur focused on developing creative solutions that solve huge problems for people and businesses. I am passionate about empowering others and building stuff online that improves the lives of those around me.

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After selling in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries, Perry has emerged as a sales leader in the automotive industry while living in the Atlanta, GA area. Going on a decade, Perry has been a leading salesman for brands like Kia, BMW, Infiniti, Honda, Buick, and GMC. As he focuses on educating the public on the car sales process, he aims to empower buyers to avoid being ripped off and scammed.

"Perry is one of the "best and the brightest." Super motivated, principles grounded, genuine kind of professional.

He is a solution seeker and applier, with his clients' best interests, and long-term business relationships, at the forefront of what he does. There are few as genuine, sincere, and full of integrity as Perry."


-Patricia Lytwynec